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30 May 2014

Emergency Couple Final Thoughts

Credit: DramaFever

I know I am shamefully late with this post, but even though it's been almost two months I do want to finally throw a quick post up to wrap my Emergency Couple viewing experience. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this drama and I was sad to see it end (partially because the ending was kind of unsatisfying). To be fair, it would have taken a lot for me to not like this drama, considering I love both the leads. They both filled their roles very well and I thought they had pretty good chemistry. It was great to see both Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk play lighthearted characters for a change. The supporting characters were pretty good too - even Chang Min's mom grew on me by the end. Well, ok, she didn't actually grow on me, but she was less awful. I especially liked Professor Shin, and the most important side character in the drama, all the actresses' creamy orange lipstick...more about my crazy beauty products hoarding spree in a later post.

This drama did fizzle out a bit for me by the end, and I felt like they could have upped the dramatic stakes in the last two episodes especially. I guess the more realistic approach they took was much better than adding the typical drama ending with some crazy ailment befalling one of the leads, or a random and sudden study abroad trip that causes the leads to separate for three years and then reunite with slightly different hair styles to denote time lapse. Bah. Still, Emergency Couple was easy to watch, even if it lacked much of the heart-stopping ~feels typically associated with kdramas. I don't know if I'll be re-watching this one with so many other good ones out there, but I am glad I watched it as it aired and had the experience of writing for the DF Drama Club. (Check out all of the DramaFever Drama Club's posts at DF News.)

One more personal Emergency Couple-related note: I loved Ji Hyo's hair color in the drama so I decided to dye my hair a nice cool red shade too. It's been a bit of a journey to arrive at the proper care for my new color so I'll do a post a bit further down the line when I've actually figured it out for myself!

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